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How to watch the One Piece series in Chronological order, including Episodes, Movies, OVA’s and Fillers. This is the best sequence that i got of One Piece, If One Piece is in wrong order please notify us via Mail.

One Piece Review

Let me start this off by stating that this is my favorite show in all the fiction. It is a show I started thinking it to be nothing more than a short (yeah right) and simple (boy howdy) adventure. I had no idea that it would become my most beloved show of all time, and I am truly grateful that I found it and continue to be able to experience it.

Now let's begin the review!

When it comes to One Piece, obviously you got to be in it for the long run (As you can clearly tell by its length), and it's only natural for that to make you never want to sit down and catch up with the show. However, I can tell you with absolute positivity that the time spent and the length of the show is worth it. In the years that this show has run Oda has created a world unlike any other I have ever seen. A world that since day 1 he has created this sense of scale and wonder that even to this day I feel my imagination run wild with what can come next. He has given us truly breathtaking locations that even the most ridiculous in concept feel genuinely alive, with each of them having a distinct culture and atmosphere uniquely their own. As the show has progressed he has given us a detailed map within our minds that could easily be placed onto paper just by remembering the episodes in sequence. There is a reason Oda is known as the master of world building to this day.

Along with the world, Oda has filled it with countless characters that will rarely fail to grip onto your mind and heart. Countless times Oda has taken what many would see as shallow fodder in other shows, and given them their own unique past and has able to make such a simple character memorable. He never fails to jerk tears from your eyes with backstories that make you feel for even the most otherwise despised of villains. By the end of the arc characters that you may still hate, Oda constantly reminds you of their humanity and past so that you can at the very least understand them. The respect that Oda shows to side characters is naturally deepened for the main cast of One Piece, and you will find you loving each member of the Straw Hats as well as others with each arc you experience.

Now obviously with every show there are elements that are seen in a negative light and for very good reason, and with a show I love like One Piece it is no different. The negatives I have however are placed nowhere upon the story and world Oda himself has created, and are placed purely upon Toei themselves. The pacing can be quite a struggle at times, and moments that can be seen on a single page can feel as though they take forever without reason. That along with some rough looking animation at times is truly the only negatives I have had in my time with One Piece, and once again are placed absolutely none upon Oda himself or what he has created.

Even with these simple flaws, I still ask you respectably to watch One Piece. It is truly a show unlike any other, and written by a man who has given many years and constant struggles so that we may experience and enjoy what he has created. I ask that you give it a chance, and allow it to capture your heart the same way it did mine and many others.

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