Pokémon Advanced Generation Filler List

Pokémon Advanced Generation  Filler List

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Pokémon Advanced Generation was an anime series that ran from 2002 to 2006. In total 191 episodes of Pokémon Advanced Generation were aired. With a total of 35 reported filler episodes, Pokémon Advanced Generation has a low filler percentage of 18%. Ash Ketchum's journey continues in the Hoenn region as his journey to become a Pokemon Master continues.....

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:
Filler Episodes:
9-10, 29, 37-38, 42-43, 46, 49, 52, 64-65, 67, 75-76, 81, 88, 94, 104, 107, 109, 112, 136-137, 139-141, 145, 164-165, 167, 172, 182-184
Anime Canon Episodes:
1-8, 11-25, 27-28, 30-36, 39-41, 44-45, 47-48, 50-51, 53-56, 58-60, 62-63, 66, 69-74, 77-80, 82-85, 89-91, 93, 95-101, 103, 105, 108-111, 113, 115-135, 138, 142-143, 146-150, 152-163, 166, 168-171, 173-181, 185-191
1Get the Show on the Road!Anime Canon
2A Ruin with a ViewAnime Canon
3There's no Place Like HoennAnime Canon
4You Never Can TaillowAnime Canon
5In the Knicker of Time!aAnime Canon
6A Poached Ego!Anime Canon
7Tree's a CrowdAnime Canon
8A Tail with a TwistAnime Canon
9Taming of the ShroomishFiller
10You Said a Mouthful!Filler
11A Bite to RememberAnime Canon
12The Lotad LowdownAnime Canon
13All Things Bright and BeautiflyAnime Canon
14All in a Day's WurmpleAnime Canon
15Gonna Rule The School!Anime Canon
16The Winner by a NosepassAnime Canon
17Stairway to DevonAnime Canon
18On a Wingull and a Prayer! Anime Canon
19Sharpedo Attack!Anime Canon
20Brave the Wave Anime Canon
21Which Wurmple's Which? Anime Canon
22A Hole Lotta TroubleAnime Canon
23Gone Corphishin'Anime Canon
24A Corphish Out of WaterAnime Canon
25A Mudkip MissionAnime Canon
26Turning Over a NuzleafMixed Canon/Filler
27A Three Team Scheme!Anime Canon
28Seeing is Believing!Anime Canon
29Ready, Willing, and SableyeFiller
30A Meditite Fight! Anime Canon
31Just One of the GeysersAnime Canon
32Abandon Ship!Anime Canon
33Now That's Flower Power!Anime Canon
34Having a Wailord of a TimeAnime Canon
35Win, Lose or Drew!Anime Canon
36The Spheal of ApprovalAnime Canon
37Jump for Joy! Filler
38A Different Kind of Misty!Filler
39A Poké-BLOCK Party!Anime Canon
40Watt's with Wattson?Anime Canon
41What You Seed is What You GetAnime Canon
42Love at First FlightFiller
43Let Bagons Be BagonsFiller
44The Princess and the Togepi Anime Canon
45A Togepi Mirage!Anime Canon
46Candid Camerupt!Filler
47I Feel Skitty!Anime Canon
48ZigZag Zangoose!Anime Canon
49Maxxed Out! Filler
50Pros and Con ArtistsAnime Canon
51Come What May!Anime Canon
52Cheer PressureFiller
53Game Winning AssistAnime Canon
54Fight for the Meteorite!Anime Canon
55Poetry Commotion!Anime Canon
56Going, Going, YawnAnime Canon
57Going for a SpindaMixed Canon/Filler
58All Torkoal, No PlayAnime Canon
59Manectric ChargeAnime Canon
60Delcatty Got Your TongueAnime Canon
61Disaster of DisguiseMixed Canon/Filler
62Disguise Da LimitAnime Canon
63Take the Lombre HomeAnime Canon
64True Blue SwabluFiller
65Gulpin it DownFiller
66Exploud and Clear!Anime Canon
67Go Go Ludicolo!Filler
68A Double DilemmaMixed Canon/Filler
69Love, Petalburg Style!Anime Canon
70Balance of Power Anime Canon
71A Six Pack Attack!Anime Canon
72The Bicker the BetterAnime Canon
73Grass Hysteria! Anime Canon
74Hokey Poké Balls!Anime Canon
75Whiscash and AshFiller
76Me, Myself and TimeFiller
77A Fan with a PlanAnime Canon
78Cruisin' for a Losin'Anime Canon
79Pearls are a Spoink's Best FriendAnime Canon
80That's Just SwellowAnime Canon
81Take This House and ShuppetFiller
82A Shroomish SkirmishAnime Canon
83Unfair Weather FriendsAnime Canon
84Who's Flying Now?Anime Canon
85Sky High Gym Battle!Anime Canon
86Lights, Camerupt, Action! Mixed Canon/Filler
87Crazy as a LunatoneMixed Canon/Filler
88The Garden of Eatin'Filler
89A Scare to Remember! Anime Canon
90Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry Anime Canon
91Lessons in LilycoveAnime Canon
92Judgment Day!Mixed Canon/Filler
93Clamperl of WisdomAnime Canon
94The Relicanth Really Can Filler
95The Evolutionary WarAnime Canon
96Training WrecksAnime Canon
97Gaining GroudonAnime Canon
98The Scuffle of LegendsAnime Canon
99It's Still Rocket Roll to Me!Anime Canon
100Solid as a SolrockAnime Canon
101Vanity AffairAnime Canon
102Where's Armaldo?Mixed Canon/Filler
103A Cacturne for the WorseAnime Canon
104Claydol Big and TallFiller
105Once in a MawileAnime Canon
107Absol-ute DisasterFiller
108Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snorunt!Anime Canon
109Beg, Burrow and StealFiller
109Do I Hear a Ralts? Anime Canon
110The Great Eight Fate! Anime Canon
111Eight Ain't EnoughAnime Canon
112Showdown At LinooneFiller
113Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut? Anime Canon
114Date ExpectationsMixed Canon/Filler
115Mean With EnvyAnime Canon
116Pacifidlog Jam Anime Canon
117Berry, Berry InterestingAnime Canon
118Less is MorrisonAnime Canon
119The Ribbon Cup Caper Anime Canon
120Hi Ho Silver Wind!Anime Canon
121Deceit and Assist Anime Canon
122Rhapsody in DrewAnime Canon
123Island TimeAnime Canon
124Like a Meowth to a FlameAnime Canon
125Saved by the BeldumAnime Canon
126From Brags to Riches Anime Canon
127Shocks and BondsAnime Canon
128A Judgment BrawlAnime Canon
129Choose It or Lose It!Anime Canon
130At the End of the FrayAnime Canon
131The Scheme TeamAnime Canon
132The Right Place and the Right MimeAnime Canon
133A Real Cleffa-HangerAnime Canon
134Numero Uno ArticunoAnime Canon
135The Symbol LifeAnime Canon
136Hooked on OnixFiller
137Rough, Tough JigglypuffFiller
138On Cloud ArcanineAnime Canon
139Sitting PsyduckFiller
140Hail to the Chef!Filler
141Caterpie's Big DilemmaFiller
142The Saffron Con Anime Canon
143A Hurdle for SquirtleAnime Canon
144Pasta La Vista! Mixed Canon/Filler
145Fear Factor PhonyFiller
146Sweet Baby JamesAnime Canon
147A Chip Off the Old BrockAnime Canon
148Wheel of FrontierAnime Canon
149May's Egg-Cellent AdventureAnime Canon
150Weekend WarriorAnime Canon
151On Olden PondMixed Canon/Filler
152Tactics Theatrics!!Anime Canon
153Reversing the ChargesAnime Canon
154The Green GuardianAnime Canon
155From Cradle to SaveAnime Canon
156Time Warp Heals All WoundsAnime Canon
157Queen of the Serpentine!Anime Canon
158Off the Unbeaten PathAnime Canon
159Harley Rides AgainAnime Canon
160Odd Pokémon Out!Anime Canon
161Spontaneous Combusken! Anime Canon
162Cutting the Ties that Bind! Anime Canon
163Ka Boom with a View!Anime Canon
164King and Queen for a Day!Filler
165Curbing the Crimson Tide!Filler
166What I Did for Love!Anime Canon
167Three Jynx and a Baby!Filler
168Talking a Good Game!Anime Canon
169Second Time's the Charm!Anime Canon
170Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part 1)Anime Canon
171Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part 2)Anime Canon
172All That Glitters is Not Golden!Filler
173New Plot, Odd Lot!Anime Canon
174Going for Choke!Anime Canon
175The Ole' Berate and Switch!Anime Canon
176Grating Spaces!Anime Canon
177Battling the Enemy Within!Anime Canon
178Slaking Kong!Anime Canon
179May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!Anime Canon
180Thinning the Hoard!Anime Canon
181Channeling the Battle Zone! Anime Canon
182Aipom and Circumstance! Filler
183Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!Filler
184Duels of the Jungle!Filler
185Overjoyed!Anime Canon
186The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing! Anime Canon
187Pinch Healing! Anime Canon
188Gathering the Gang of Four!Anime Canon
189Pace - The Final Frontier!Anime Canon
190Once More With Reeling!Anime Canon
191Home is Where the Start Is!Anime Canon