Monogatari Filler List

Monogatari  Filler List

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Monogatari was an anime series that ran from 2009 to 2019. In total 100 episodes of Monogatari were aired. Monogatari has no reported filler. Koyomi Araragi, a third-year high school student survives a vampire attack and finds himself helping girls involved with a variety of apparitions, deities, ghosts, beasts, spirits, and other supernatural phenomena, which often serve as proxies for their emotional and mental issues.

Manga Canon Episodes:
1Hitagi Crab, Part OneManga Canon
2Hitagi Crab, Part TwoManga Canon
3Mayoi Snail, Part OneManga Canon
4Mayoi Snail, Part TwoManga Canon
5Mayoi Snail, Part ThreeManga Canon
6Suruga Monkey, Part OneManga Canon
7Suruga Monkey, Part TwoManga Canon
8Suruga Monkey, Part ThreeManga Canon
9Nadeko Snake, Part OneManga Canon
10Nadeko Snake, Part TwoManga Canon
11Tsubasa Cat, Part OneManga Canon
12Tsubasa Cat, Part TwoManga Canon
13Tsubasa Cat, Part ThreeManga Canon
14Tsubasa Cat, Part FourManga Canon
15Tsubasa Cat, Part FiveManga Canon
16Karen Bee, Part OneManga Canon
17Karen Bee, Part TwoManga Canon
18Karen Bee, Part ThreeManga Canon
19Karen Bee, Part FourManga Canon
20Karen Bee, Part FiveManga Canon
21Karen Bee, Part SixManga Canon
22Karen Bee, Part SevenManga Canon
23Tsukihi Phoenix, Part OneManga Canon
24Tsukihi Phoenix, Part TwoManga Canon
25Tsukihi Phoenix, Part ThreeManga Canon
26Tsukihi Phoenix, Part FourManga Canon
27Tsubasa Family, Part OneManga Canon
28Tsubasa Family, Part TwoManga Canon
29Tsubasa Family, Part ThreeManga Canon
30Tsubasa Family, Part FourManga Canon
31Tsubasa Tiger, Part OneManga Canon
32Tsubasa Tiger, Part TwoManga Canon
33Tsubasa Tiger, Part ThreeManga Canon
34Tsubasa Tiger, Part FourManga Canon
35Tsubasa Tiger, Part FiveManga Canon
36Mayoi Jiangshi, Part OneManga Canon
37Mayoi Jiangshi, Part TwoManga Canon
38Mayoi Jiangshi, Part ThreeManga Canon
39Mayoi Jiangshi, Part FourManga Canon
40Nadeko Medusa, Part OneManga Canon
41Nadeko Medusa, Part TwoManga Canon
42Nadeko Medusa, Part ThreeManga Canon
43Nadeko Medusa, Part FourManga Canon
44Shinobu Time, Part OneManga Canon
45Shinobu Time, Part TwoManga Canon
46Shinobu Time, Part ThreeManga Canon
47Shinobu Time, Part FourManga Canon
48Hitagi End, Part OneManga Canon
49Hitagi End, Part TwoManga Canon
50Hitagi End, Part ThreeManga Canon
51Hitagi End, Part FourManga Canon
52Hitagi End, Part FiveManga Canon
53Hitagi End, Part SixManga Canon
54Suruga Devil, Part OneManga Canon
55Suruga Devil, Part TwoManga Canon
56Suruga Devil, Part ThreeManga Canon
57Suruga Devil, Part FourManga Canon
58Suruga Devil, Part FiveManga Canon
59Yotsugi Doll, Part OneManga Canon
60Yotsugi Doll, Part TwoManga Canon
61Yotsugi Doll, Part ThreeManga Canon
62Yotsugi Doll, Part FourManga Canon
63Ougi Formula, Part OneManga Canon
64Ougi Formula, Part TwoManga Canon
65Sodachi Riddle, Part OneManga Canon
66Sodachi Riddle, Part TwoManga Canon
67Sodachi Lost, Part OneManga Canon
68Sodachi Lost, Part TwoManga Canon
69Sodachi Lost, Part ThreeManga Canon
70Shinobu Mail, Part OneManga Canon
71Shinobu Mail, Part TwoManga Canon
72Shinobu Mail, Part ThreeManga Canon
73Shinobu Mail, Part FourManga Canon
74Shinobu Mail, Part FiveManga Canon
75Shinobu Mail, Part SixManga Canon
76Koyomi StoneManga Canon
77Koyomi FlowerManga Canon
78Koyomi SandManga Canon
79Koyomi WaterManga Canon
80Koyomi WindManga Canon
81Koyomi TreeManga Canon
82Koyomi TeaManga Canon
83Koyomi MountainManga Canon
84Koyomi TorusManga Canon
85Koyomi SeedManga Canon
86Koyomi NothingManga Canon
87Koyomi DeadManga Canon
88Mayoi Hell, Part OneManga Canon
89Mayoi Hell, Part TwoManga Canon
90Hitagi Rendezvous, Part OneManga Canon
91Hitagi Rendezvous, Part TwoManga Canon
92Ougi Dark, Part OneManga Canon
93Ougi Dark, Part TwoManga Canon
94Ougi Dark, Part ThreeManga Canon
95Koyomi Reverse, Part OneManga Canon
96Koyomi Reverse, Part TwoManga Canon
97Koyomi Reverse, Part ThreeManga Canon
98Koyomi Reverse, Part FourManga Canon
99Koyomi Reverse, Part FiveManga Canon
100Koyomi Reverse, Part SixManga Canon