Kuroko’s Basketball Filler List

Kuroko’s Basketball  Filler List

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Kuroko’s Basketball was an anime series that ran from 2012 to 2015. In total 75 episodes of Kuroko’s Basketball were aired. Kuroko’s Basketball has no reported filler. Teikou Middle School is famous for its highly renowned basketball team, which produced the famed "Generation of Miracles": a team of five prodigies, each with their own unique abilities, considered to be undefeatable by the time they became third years. However, blinded by pride, they split up, entering different high schools upon graduation. Taiga Kagami, having just returned from America, joins the basketball team at Seirin High School in search of strong team members. There, he finds Tetsuya Kuroko, a seemingly unimpressive player, only for Kagami to find out that Kuroko was the "Phantom Sixth Member" of the Generation of Miracles: an invisible player who used his impeccable passing skills to support the team from the shadows. Together, they resolve to defeat the Generation of Miracles and make the Seirin basketball team the best in Japan.

Manga Canon Episodes:
1I Am KurokoManga Canon
2I Am SeriousManga Canon
3It’s Better if I Can’t WinManga Canon
4Take Care of the Counter Attack!Manga Canon
5Your BasketballManga Canon
6Let Me Tell You Two ThingsManga Canon
7You'll See Something AmazingManga Canon
8Now That I Think About ItManga Canon
9To WinManga Canon
10I Can’t Have ThatManga Canon
11It’s Not Like ThatManga Canon
12What’s‘Victory’?Manga Canon
13I Believed in YouManga Canon
14You Look Just Like HimManga Canon
15Don’t Make Me LaughManga Canon
16Let’s GoManga Canon
17You’re All RidiculousManga Canon
18No!!Manga Canon
19On to a New ChallengeManga Canon
20I Don’t Want to BeManga Canon
21Let’s Get StartedManga Canon
22I’ll Win Even if it Kills MeManga Canon
23I’m Not Mature!Manga Canon
24Don't Get the Wrong IdeaManga Canon
25Our BasketballManga Canon
26I Never Thought We’d Meet HereManga Canon
27At The Winter CupManga Canon
28Start!!!Manga Canon
29There is Only One AnswerManga Canon
30I've Been Waiting for ThisManga Canon
31I Surpassed It Long AgoManga Canon
32Give UpManga Canon
33We're the Seirin High School Basketball Team!Manga Canon
34I Will Defeat You!!Manga Canon
35It’s TrustManga Canon
36Don't Be RidiculousManga Canon
37I Look Forward To ItManga Canon
38Definitely This TimeManga Canon
39Useless EffortManga Canon
40He's Beside Himself With JoyManga Canon
41Win NowManga Canon
42I Believe in HimManga Canon
43Like I'd LoseManga Canon
44Please Teach MeManga Canon
45Of Course It's Not EasyManga Canon
46First Score!!Manga Canon
47No QuestionManga Canon
48I Don't Want to Lose!Manga Canon
49EnoughManga Canon
50Win!Manga Canon
51I'm Just Going at Full StrengthManga Canon
52This Is MineManga Canon
53Don't You Get In My WayManga Canon
54I'll Take This For NowManga Canon
55I Know None of ThatManga Canon
56I Will Offer ThemManga Canon
57It Makes Me LaughManga Canon
58True LightManga Canon
59Don't Belittle Us!!Manga Canon
60In Order to WinManga Canon
61This Time, For Sure Manga Canon
62He Is The Best PlayerManga Canon
63A Day With Blue SkiesManga Canon
64...SorryManga Canon
65We're No LongerManga Canon
66What is Victory?Manga Canon
67Final Tip-Off!Manga Canon
68Isn’t It The Best?Manga Canon
69A Miracle Will Not HappenManga Canon
70Weight Of ResolveManga Canon
71In My Own Way, I'm DesperateManga Canon
72A WarningManga Canon
73Why Don’t You Give Up? Manga Canon
74So It Was YouManga Canon
75Many Times OverManga Canon